My Favorite Onsen Ryokans and Hotels in Hokkaido Japan

Those are my favorite onsen ryokans and hotels in Hokkaido. You can book most of those by internet in English. Enjoy!

北海道の温泉宿・ホテルの人気ランキング 北海道の温泉宿やホテルのおすすめを聞かれることが多いので、記事にしてみました。我が家が泊まってみた感想と雑誌や口コミで評価の高い宿を基にランキングしています。高級旅館からお得なお宿まで。

Kokorono Resort Umino Bettei Furukawa

One of the best recomendable Ryokan in Hokkaido. We have visted both seasons winter and summer. We like here in both seasons. Not so far from famous onsen spot Noboribetsu, but this one is located just in front of the sea. Welcome green tea is served here. Infinity pool like out side Onsen bath tab is gorgeous. You can play with famous doggy MOKO. There is also one barrier free room available.

My travel Diary Kokorono Resort Umino Bettei Furukawa


Yuyado Daiichi

This onsen hotel locates east side of the Hokkaido. It is quite far from Sapporo. It takes more than 5 hours. Although not so many people know this hotel in main land in Japan, but this hotel is well known in people in Hokkaido or big Onsen fan people. Wild owl also comes to this hotel and if you are lucky you can see that.




JTB 湯宿だいいち

Ryotei Hanayura

Noboribetsu is one of the most popular onsen place all around Japan. This Ryotei Hanayura locates on middle of Noboribetsu and well known its good service and foods. Not too expensive.



Takino-Ya Noboribetsu

The best Ryokan in Noboribetsu and also one of the best ryokan in Japan as well. Price is not so low compared with others in Hokkaido but if you compare with other ryokans in main land in Japan this price is surely reason bale. Only problem of this ryokan is it is very difficult to book. In high season such as "golden week" (April end to May)  and summer holiday season, advanced booking is required. If you are lucky to find available room, I would like to highly reccomend to book this.



Furukawa Nukumori No yado

Zyo-zan kei is an annex, as it were, to Sapporo, and this Ryokan is a group of Furukawa as Kokorono Resort in Kojohama above. Price is farely reasonable and good foods with natural ingredients.



"Sui Cho Kan" Spa & Esthetique

Onsen style inn in Zyozan kei like as Furukawa. This offer western bed.


Chikuha Shinyo tei

Located in Yuno kawa near Hakodate. Hakodate gets more popularity for a tourist place as the bullet train from Tokyo starts its operation from 2016 spring. If you find vacant room you are the one who are lucky.



Ginkon YU Onsen Ryokan

Only locals or onsen mania knows this ryokan but this is also one of the most difficult to book. It is located in between Chitose and Hakodate and more closer to Hakodate.

If you stay, you can enjoy a lots of outside baths by your group.


銀婚湯 外観

There is no online reservation by internet. You need to call the inn directly.


 銀婚湯 子連れ宿泊記

La Vista Hakodate

This is located in middle of Hakodate. If you visit this city, please try this hotel which well known its breakfast called "best breakfast hotel in Japan".

Commands good night view of Hakodate both from your room and Onsen bath located in top of this building.

As it's getting more popularity, it also gets difficult to reserve room.



Rakuten Travel


Yunokawa Prince Hotel Nagisa Tei 湯の川プリンスホテル渚亭

Prince Hotel is a Japanese hotel group. This hotel located in Hakodate. Private bath is equipped with each room. You can enjoy cool wind from the sea with beer. I think this is an exotic experience in Japan.

プリンスホテルグループの函館 湯の川温泉のお宿。こちらも夜景が楽しめます。風呂付の客室から望む漁火。肌寒い夜の風。お風呂上りのビール。旅情をそそりますね。こちらもゴールデンウィークは早々と売り切れてしまいました。


Mizuno Uta Shikotsu KO Trumai Resort しこつ湖鶴雅リゾートスパ水の謌

Just 40 min. from Chitose Airport, located near by lake Shikotsu-ko. Nice room, onsen and the food. Perfect choice of starting travel from Hokkaido.


子連れ 温泉旅行記 しこつ湖鶴雅リゾートスパ 水の謌

子連れ 温泉旅行記 しこつ湖鶴雅リゾートスパ 水の謌

子連れ 温泉旅行記 しこつ湖鶴雅リゾートスパ 水の謌

Windsor Hotel ウィンザーホテル洞爺

Located in the top of the hill which commands lake Toya, WIndsor Hotel hots summit in 2008. Gorgeous and elegant hotel with Onsen. There are two type of the rooms facing with Lake or the ocean. Our preference and recommendation is the lake side.











スターウッド プリファード ゲスト® アメリカン・エキスプレス®・カードは、2020年時点で独身で遊びたい人にも、家族連れでみんなで旅行に行きたい人にも、旅行好きなら一番お勧めできるクレジットカードで ...


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